Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oldies Explained

Ok, first off,

* The cancer flier, a friend of mine had this project for warning people
   about the dangers of taking in the sun without protection and how
   to protect oneself.

* Internet flier, a lot of info, had to make it  fun to read.

* N.Y. 9-11, i was working in Young & Rubicam Damaris when it
   happened, we all did one piece to show support to the NY branch,
   this was mine (the letter font was ny). I heard they like it.

* Banners about products transportation.

* Superman Birthday/invitation card, this was a client of a friend, he wanted
   something special, superman related, so i created this, i had to watch the cartoon
   in order to get the characters right, You had to put a sticker in Luthor's  hand
   and use a coin to scratch off the coat in the confidential panel to reveal  the message
   ...all the while praying that DC comics wouldnt sue me.

* Centennial superhero, they wanted a superman-like character, just check
   the cellphones to have an idea of when i did this.

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